Challenges to Nuisance Property Legislation

Update: May 16,2023 Delaware State lawmakers are considering legislation that would prohibit municipalities from enacting laws requiring landlords to evict tenants for criminal activity by the tenant, a member of their household or a guest.READ MORE

New Hampshire “Zombie Foreclosures” Legislation

New Hampshire Following in the Footsteps of New York State’s “Zombie Foreclosures” Legislation? HB 235 was introduced earlier this year in the New Hampshire Legislature. Interestingly, the bill text mirrors closely the “zombie foreclosure” legislationREAD MORE

Precedent-Setting Court Ruling?

A decision by State Supreme Court Associate Justice Denise Sher  strikes down a zoning condition that required a two-family home to be occupied by its owner. The case against the Town of Hempstead originated afterREAD MORE

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