Following are a listing of various state initiatives surrounding Vacant Property Registration or general Fight-the-Blight Initiatives.

Statewide Manufactured Housing Registration Ordinance


Statewide Notice to Municipality of Abandoned Property
Statewide Notice to Municipality of Abandoned Property – Mobile Homes

The Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation provided an advisory notice discussing the updated Foreclosure Registration System.
Maryland Foreclosure Registration System

New Hampshire

HB 235 was introduced early in 2019. Bill text mirrors closely the “zombie foreclosure” legislation enacted in New York State in 2016.
To view the proposed bill text, please click on the following link
HB 235 Text

New Jersey
The Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey maintains a webpage titled “Getting Owners to Maintain Properties” which includes a comprehensive section on VPR ordinances, with sample ordinances and forms.
To access the website, please click on the following link;
Getting Owners to Maintain Properties

Existing Legislation
N.j.s.a. 46:10b-51, the new jersey creditor responsibility law 

Current proposed legislation
S3412 Requires DCA to produce and maintain database and interactive map concerning residential properties under foreclosure; increases certain recording fees as funding mechanism.

New York

In 2016 the state passed comprehensive “zombie properties” legislation
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Two six-figure funds have been assessed as a result of this legislation:

Enacted Legislation
HB 653

Governor Wolf Signs Legislation to Combat Neighborhood Blight