MuniReg has never been a proponent of “advertising vacancy“. For severely dilapidated properties, that are clearly abandoned, posting for example a “Red X” doesn’t bring unwarranted attention.

Other approaches, such as placards on the door or windows, can bring undesired attention for properties that may not appear vacant to the criminal element driving down the block scoping its next target.

While there is an increase in transparency/”open government” and benefits for sharing vacancy information, (developers, non-profits etc.) Those can be handled individually.

Las Cruces NM Nuisance Abatement Team’s (NAT) FAQ page has a simple but direct and logical response to “Am I able to obtain a current list of vacant and abandoned properties?”

“Until recently, the NAT had published a map and list of current vacant and abandoned properties. The map and list have been removed from public view to protect the property from being subject to theft and fires and to prevent intruders.”

Well said!

To view the Las Cruces NAT FAQ page, please click here