The Local Government Commission of Pennsylvania General Assembly, a bicameral and bipartisan legislative agency released a new report titled “Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Report”

Contributions to the report came from

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Blight Task Force
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors
  • Pennsylvania Municipal League
  • National Conference of State Legislatures

The conclusions drawn include


  1. Over ¾ of municipalities have not considered intergovernmental agreements for property
    maintenance code enforcement.
  2. Almost 70% of municipalities issue 50 or less property maintenance violation citations, on
    average, per year.
  3. In identifying both major obstacles to property maintenance enforcement and contributors
    to blight, non-responsive, absent, and/or negligent property owners and landlords were the
    highest rank factor.
  4. Nearly all municipal respondents (93%) characterize their community’s degree of blight as
    either low or moderate, but only 28% agree or strongly agree that their capacity to combat
    blight is sufficient.
  5. Half of property owners and developers disagreed or strongly disagreed that property
    maintenance code expectations are clearly communicated by the municipality, with less than
    a quarter (24%) rating the consistency across municipalities in property maintenance code
    expectations and standards as consistent.
  6. Over ¾ of property owners (78%) said that property maintenance code enforcement factors
    either somewhat or strongly into their future planning and development strategies.

To view the report in its entirety, please click here

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