Model Ordinance on Proactive Rental Inspection

In 2014, ChangeLab Solutions released a “Model Ordinance on Proactive Rental Inspection”. On Sept 18th, 2023 a new version was released. For a copy of MuniReg’s model ordinance for a Vacant/Abandoned/Foreclosure Registry, please email admin@munireg.comREAD MORE

Macro and Micro Strategies to Fight Blight

Recently two large cities announced new strategies to address blight, one creating a city-wide collaborative while the other focuses on specific requirements for the security of vacant properties. Vacancy Strategy Initiative St. Louis Community DevelopmentREAD MORE

Raising Property Values to Combat Vacancies

Several communities have implemented a “vacant property tax”. In what appears to be a similar objective, Bernalillo County (NM) Assessor is taking a new approach “revaluing properties, not based on how their characteristics at thatREAD MORE

H.B. 859 Denying Permits to LLCs

A well intentioned bill may have some loopholes. Hopefully they will be addressed properly prior to enactment. Definitely a step in the right direction. In a recent article discussing the subject Bill, there were someREAD MORE

Blight Penalties – What is the magic number?

The challenge regarding what is the appropriate amount of penalties is a difficult one. “Lower” penalties may not provide the necessary push for compliance. “Higher” penalties can result in unintended consequences such as lawsuits, accusationsREAD MORE

Citizens Research Council of Michigan Blight Resources

In February we posted on a Citizens Research Council of Michigan (not-for-profit public affairs research organization, founded in 1916) report titled, “Coordinating the Authority and Resources to Remediate Blight”. This organization has several additional blightREAD MORE

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