Good Intentions……Lien Assignment Program

A recent article in the Herald Democrat discusses a four month old program that “is probably on life support”. The program allowed Denison TX to put municipal liens on vacant properties up for sale. CityREAD MORE

Tuscaloosa Silo Busting Anti-Blight Initiative

City of Tuscaloosa & The University of Alabama-Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Admin have developed a new patent-pending camera-based system to streamline the battle against deteriorating properties. This system involves cameras mounted on cityREAD MORE

Neighborhood Homes Investment Act

The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act has been re-introduced in the Senate as S. 98. Bipartisan legislation titled The Neighborhood Homes Investment Act calls for the creation of a new federal tax credit that will produceREAD MORE

Creative Strategies for Increasing Commercial Vacancies

Two communities recently announced specific strategies to address an increase in commercial vacancies. Brookhaven NY “Floating Zones” The redevelopment districts are what planning officials call a “floating zone” that can be superimposed on a specificREAD MORE

NY S1579 Property Maintenance By Banks

Though New York State Dept. of Financial Services has strict guidance pertaining to requirements to maintain vacant properties additional legislation continues to be introduced. S1579 was referred to the Housing, Construction & Community Development CommitteeREAD MORE

Where Transparency is Prudent

Open data and transparency regarding vacant and abandoned properties can result in unintended circumstances. However when discussing rental properties the benefits far outweigh the risks. As discussed in a recent Washington Post article, often rentersREAD MORE

Residential Renovation Incentive Program

The City of Denison recently publicized a new program. This is not “just a one and done” incentive, but a comprehensive program with various incentives along the way. Having the program is the main victoryREAD MORE

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