As previously reported, New Jersey is seeking to “requires registration of certain vacant and abandoned properties with municipalities and provides enforcement tools related to maintenance of these properties.” A5084/S1155 has been replaced with A2877/S1149 thatREAD MORE

Leveraging Relationships to Address Blight – Part Two

In August 2019 we highlighted creative out-of-the-box solutions to address blight. A recent article discussing a new “tag-team” in Columbiana County OH focused on blight, discusses some of the challenges with tax delinquent properties, especiallyREAD MORE

Nuisance Incidents vs Arrests

A recent article from Newsday discusses a recent change in Oyster Bay, NY Oyster Bay expands nuisance law on boarding up homes The Town of Oyster Bay has expanded its powers to board up houses underREAD MORE

Uniformity – Benefits and Pitfalls

Uniformity – Benefits and Pitfalls In the precarious and troublesome arena of blighted and abandoned properties, uniformity, best practices, and opportunity for improvement all compete for the attention of code officials, lawmakers and constituents. EachREAD MORE

Connecting the Dots

MuniReg has advocated registries as a tool not just to address blight but also to prevent future occurrences. A recent report on a collaboration between Hudson County executives and The Waterfront Project, Inc. shines aREAD MORE

Doing the Right Thing…….Part Deux

Though, yes I am feeling a little nostalgic for 80’s/90’s movies, this discussion isn’t about Spike Lee , Charlie Sheen or the late, great, Lloyd Bridges. Early 2019, we wrote about specific ordinance language thatREAD MORE

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