Baltimore’s New “Clean Corps Initiative”

The “Clean Corps Initiative” has been announced by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. “Under this initiative, Mayor Scott is investing $14.7 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to partner with community and citywide organizationsREAD MORE

Normalizing Forbearance

Foreclosure often results in abandonment of the property, which often leads to blight. Foreclosure avoidance therefore mitigates the potential for blight! Could forbearance avoid foreclosure? A new report from the Urban Institute advocates for makingREAD MORE

Ohio Versus “Wall Street Landlords”

State Sen. Louis Blessing (R-Colerain Township) has introduced two pieces of legislation to address “corporate slumlords”. OH SB 354 “would bar landlords or property owners with unresolved code violations or unpaid fines from bidding onREAD MORE

Zombie Foreclosures Still Exist!

Definitely a more frequent occurrence during the foreclosure crisis, however examples like this still exists. Homeowner becomes delinquent on the mortgage, bank initiates foreclosure, homeowners vacates/abandons the property and assumes bank takes possession. However banksREAD MORE

Taking Matters into One’s Own Hands

Many municipalities utilize various reporting methods to address blight. Now in Baltimore, one housing advocate who also happens to be a systems and software engineer, seeing the need for better data created a new appREAD MORE

Government ALONE is not the answer

“The current and very dedicated Code Enforcement team is simply overwhelmed…………..” “Government is not the answer.” Two quotes from a recent article speak volumes. The first one we agree with! The second one, well thatREAD MORE

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