Local Property Rights Play a Crucial Role

In a recent column, nationally recognized columnist, speaker and publisher John Newby (Building Main Street, not Wall Steet) focuses on the value of effective property regulation and enforcement, to mitigate blight and its effect onREAD MORE

Tax Foreclosure Challenges

Over the course of one week, three articles from across the country outlined specific challenges in utilizing tax foreclosures to address blight in their respective communities. Akron, OH: Five years after Ohio’s first coordinated foreclosureREAD MORE

When a $7,000 Registration Fee isn’t Enough

A recent article discusses possible changes in Minneapolis to their VBR program and its fee. One primary change would be moving the annual $7,087 fee to a monthly fee. “…inspection citations would start at $250READ MORE

25 Year Fight to Remove Junked Vehicles

A recent article in Legal Intelligencer discusses a court ruling and its aftermath where one municipality has fought a decades long battle over operation of a junkyard in violation of its zoning ordinance. Attorneys BlaineREAD MORE

Creative Partnerships – Tool Bank USA

A recent article discussing the challenges facing Birmingham AL also focused on an upcoming creative partnership. “Soon under a new city partnership will give churches, neighborhoods and other organizations access tools to get the jobREAD MORE

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