A collaboration between National League of Cities and the Stanford Legal Design Lab has created an updated Landlord Engagement Lab Toolkit.

“This toolkit includes a series of resources developed for city leaders interested in building or refining their strategies for engaging landlords. These resources offer important insight into key elements of a successful landlord engagement strategy.”

“Engaging mom-and-pop landlords is key to longer-term eviction prevention efforts, housing stability, and supporting both vulnerable renters and landlords.”

Toolkit discusses;

  • Developing a Mom-and-Pop Landlord Engagement Strategy to Prevent Evictions
  • Identifying mom-and-pop landlords to build relationship and support eviction prevention
  • Incentivizing landlords to advance eviction prevention
  • Designing and implementing local eviction prevention policies and programs
  • Evaluating eviction prevention policies and programs
  • Communicating with mom-and-pop landlords

To access the Toolkit, please click here.