MuniReg was founded in 2018, by Michael Halpern. Michael spent the prior seventeen years at Safeguard Properties, the nation's largest mortgage field services contractor, working on behalf of their loan servicing ("banks") clients. For the most recent 7+ years Michael was Director of the Community Initiatives Department. The department lead Safeguard's outreach to municipal and state governments assisting them in addressing "zombie foreclosures".
Michael was a frequent presenter at numerous regional and state municipal (code enforcement, city manager, building officials, municipal league etc.) association conferences, along with several national organizations, including:

1) US Conference of Mayors
2) National League of Cities
3) American Association of Code Enforcement
4) National Housing Conference
5) Center for Community Progress
6) EduCode

Michael's involvement has helped countless communities address "zombie foreclosures" through education of loan servicing industry best practices and sharing of available resources.

Numerous communities across the country have implemented property registration programs to assist in preserving and protecting their respective communities.

Michael has worked with numerous communities to create a "win-win" program, one that achieves the municipality's goals and improves compliance.

Yet these programs remain just one tool in the continuing struggle with vacant and abandoned properties.

With the ever-increasing demands on local governments utilizing MuniReg will allow you to alleviate some of the “heavy-lifting” and allocate existing resources to focus on where they are better served!


Our Support Team


Sarah Sizer | Operations Manager

Sarah began her career at MuniReg after finishing her BBA from Cleveland State University. She has a passion for creating innovative processes to increase efficiency and enjoys taking on new challenges. She brings years' worth of experience working in the property management and client relationship industries. Some of her hobbies include reading, cooking, and volunteering with animals. 


Nechama Leah Rice | Client Account Representative

Nechama began her career with MuniReg in early 2021 and works as a client and customer service representative. Along with her dedication to her work, she brings enthusiasm and positivity to clients and to the MuniReg team. Nechama is an avid reader and homemaker and loves spending time with her family.


Yaakov Shifrin | Registrant Support

Yaakov joined the MuniReg team in early 2022 and has been an asset in our research department. He is a problem-solver and values finding unique solutions. When Yaakov isn't at the office, he enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling.



Utilizing MuniReg will allow you to alleviate some of the “heavy-lifting” and allocate existing resources to focus on where they are needed.



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