Movement in Baltimore

With the passing of HB 2, Baltimore officials are hopeful they have another strong tool in their toolbox. As a community that has long struggled with vacancy and blight, I am hopeful too. However, IREAD MORE

When a $7,000 Registration Fee isn’t Enough

A recent article discusses possible changes in Minneapolis to their VBR program and its fee. One primary change would be moving the annual $7,087 fee to a monthly fee. “…inspection citations would start at $250READ MORE

H.B. 859 Denying Permits to LLCs

A well intentioned bill may have some loopholes. Hopefully they will be addressed properly prior to enactment. Definitely a step in the right direction. In a recent article discussing the subject Bill, there were someREAD MORE

So which one is it?

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution discusses the intent of the City to broadcast on the city’s public TV channel the board meetings where property demolitions are discussed. Though the article mentions the motivations behindREAD MORE

Lessons to learn! Vlog Series Volume 2: Episode 1

In our next installment of our Vlog series, Michael Halpern, president and founder of MuniReg LLC discusses a recent situation generating negative headlines (“Homeowner faces city fines after suspected DWI driver damages house”) and optics.READ MORE

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