What is a Nuisance?

Update January 18th A ruling has been delivered on this case, and the former councilman is considering legal action. For more information, please click here. Perhaps this is an example of never being too specific.READ MORE

Monessen PA Chooses Carrot over the Stick

Monessen PA is, essentially, giving vacant homes to anyone who is willing to repair them. And two officials overseeing the plan said “it is working.” For more information please click on the following links. LocalREAD MORE

CA SB 296 Code Enforcement Safety Law

California Governor Newsom signed SB 296 “Code enforcement officers: safety standards” into law. “The Legislature finds and declares that code enforcement officers are disproportionately at risk for threat, assault, injury, and even homicide due toREAD MORE

Ohio Neighborhood Protection Act

Newly proposed legislation would require vacant property owners to file contact information with the county auditor’s office. For more information, please click here.

Free Demolitions? Think Outside the Box

Demolitions, such a critical component of a blight mitigation strategy, often come with a hefty price tag. Creative approaches are often necessary. Previously we have discussed communities that have utilized the National Guard for theirREAD MORE

SB 60 signed by Florida Governor

SB 60 addressing the issue of anonymous code enforcement complaints has been signed by Governor DeSantis in Florida on June 29, 2021. Following is a summary of the bill by the Florida Senate Community AffairsREAD MORE

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