Challenge Averted in Kansas

SB510, introduced in February 2022 would “prohibit municipalities from imposing any fees or registration requirements on unoccupied residential or commercial property.” The legislation died in committee in May 2022. Please see below for a linkREAD MORE

Testing Public Nuisance Law

The Indiana Court of Appeals previously ruled that a law passed by the General Assembly prevented the city from using emergency calls as proof of a public nuisance. In order to use the calls asREAD MORE

Pressing the Pause Button on Fines for 311 Calls

Recent article from Baltimore discusses the status of Ordinance 22-0204 “which would fine property owners for extensive and repeated 311 service calls and or emergency calls.” For more information, please click on the following links;READ MORE

October National Code Compliance Month

MuniReg is proud to share the sentiments of countless communities across the country in acknowledging the efforts and contributions of the thousands of code enforcement officers. Please find below for the proclamation from the AmericanREAD MORE

Affected Neighbors With a Seat at the Table

Update November 11, 2022 The legislation has now been enacted. For more information, please click here. Newly proposed ordinance in Louisville, KY would provide neighbors of a “Criminal Activity Nuisance” the ability to directly confrontREAD MORE

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