When Landlords Hide Behind LLCs

A new Shelterforce article discusses the difficulties communities face in to knowing who owns a property due to the increasing numbers of “LLCs”. “This type of hidden ownership is linked to deteriorating housing and a lackREAD MORE

Moving from “Shaming” to Partnering

Erie County (NY) Clerk Michael P. Kearns, while in all likelihood not abandoning his “Bank Shame Campaign” announced a new program called the “Good Neighbor Project”. This new project is “designed to hold servicers ofREAD MORE

Changing the Built Environment to Combat Violent Crime

A recent “Message From (HUD) PD&R Senior Leadership” discusses the relationship between remediating vacant lots and crime. Specifically, “a growing body of research on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design focuses on cleaning and greening vacant lotsREAD MORE

Closing the Loop – Rental Registries

Proposed legislation in New York State awaiting the Governor’s signature is designed to close an important loop. Albany is showing “that less than half of the properties involved in eviction proceedings have that permit onREAD MORE

“Bad Actors Registry”

The City of San Antonio TX is considering a new, proactive apartment inspection policy in an attempt to hold accountable negligent landlords who allow tenants to live in unsanitary, dangerous and otherwise illegal conditions. WhileREAD MORE

Proactive Messaging and Collaboration

One City Manager has proactively utilized local media to both educate his citizens on the issue of blight and how the city addresses it, but also issues a strong call for collaboration. For more information,READ MORE

No more warnings!

One Ohio community is now ceasing to send warnings or letters etc. “for anyone that has trash laying around their house or high grass”. Per the City Solicitor those warnings are not required. “There’s noREAD MORE

“Stop Catering to the Deadbeats”

In a recent “Revitalize or Die” blog posting, Jeff Siegler encourages local governments to implement the proper blight fighting tools and take the necessary actions to protect their respective communities.  Siegler seeks to change theREAD MORE

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