The Center for Community Progress has released a new report titles “Reevaluating Code Enforcement: A New Approach to Addressing Problem Properties” advocating for shifting from traditional code enforcement to the more strategic approach of code compliance.

Per the Center’s website:

Under a strategic code compliance approach, local governments would:

  • View code compliance as a key neighborhood stabilization tool and essential service that protects and strengthens community health and safety;
  • Adequately fund code compliance efforts;
  • Embed partnerships and collaboration in code compliance efforts;
  • Align the municipality’s human resources policies, practices, and work culture with this new framework.

To shift to such an approach, local governments should:

  • Use parcel, market, and social data to inform proactive actions and strategic allocation of resources;
  • Adopt policies and practices informed by data that recognize properties and owners can and should be treated differently;
  • Track and evaluate outcomes and make adjustments as needed—with a commitment to transparency and communication;
  • Break out of the silos and collaborate across departments and sectors;
  • Make broad changes within the department and local government to support a culture of code compliance; and,
  • Make equity both a core principle and a desired outcome.

To view the report, please click here.