Legal Challenge to Omaha Ordinance

The Metropolitan Omaha Property Owners Association sued the city, the Mayor and several other city officials, calling the Vacant and Abandoned Property Ordinance “unconstitutional.” The claim “centers around a 2015 consent decree that was partREAD MORE

Permit Denial Ordinance

A recent article in the Morning Call, discusses a new anti-blight ordinance passed in June 2019. Alicia Miller Karner, city director of community and economic development said “the city will be modifying its permit applications,READ MORE

Kansas City, Mo Abandoned to Vibrant Project

The Abandoned to Vacant (A2V) project, a collaboration between Kansas City, MO and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, uses open data to map abandoned houses and give potential buyers a sense of the surrounding neighborhood.READ MORE

Leveraging Relationships to Address Blight

Recently we posted a report on a local Pennsylvania community partnering with the National Guard to address blight. In Earlington KY, the Mayor, thinking “outside-the-box” and utilizing a long standing relationship is addressing blight atREAD MORE

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