“Historic” legislation in Albany NY

Introduced by Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and already supported by four members of Albany Common Council this legislation is designed to create the first “Good Cause” eviction law in New York State. Enforcement will beREAD MORE

Toledo Ohio and the Center For Community Progress

Representatives of the Center for Community Progress provided to City Council and Assessment and Report titled, A More Strategic, Equitable Approach to Housing and Building Code Enforcement in Ohio. The presentation was followed by a responseREAD MORE

GAO Reviews Covid-19 Housing Protections

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has provided an analysis of the benefits of Covid-19 moratoriums, showing how they have helped limit evictions; however, they recommend the implementation of a communication and outreach plan to makeREAD MORE

Federal Reserve, REO and Vacant Properties

The Federal Reserve published an article on REO and Vacant Properties, specifically strategies for neighborhood stabilization. Research and commentary were received by nonprofit and municipal practitioners, the Federal Reserve, academic and policy researchers as wellREAD MORE

Charting the Multiple Meanings of Blight

The Vacant Properties Research Network, A project of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech in collaboration with Econsult Solutions, Inc. produced a national literature review addressing the community impacts of blighted properties. In the hopesREAD MORE

Flexibility in Duluth, MN

The Duluth City Council has amended an ordinance in an attempt to jump-start repairs to abandoned housing throughout the community. The revised ordinance is intended to remove a financial obstacle for people looking to redevelopREAD MORE

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