Let’s Pull Together Initiative

Let’s Pull Together works with local faith-based organizations and major employers’ volunteer groups to enlist their help with homeowners in need with minor code compliance issues. A similar program in Round Rock TX was theREAD MORE

Vacant Property Inspections – The Future?

One city in New York State has partnered with a drone company to conduct inspections of vacant properties. “This cutting edge technology and data collection will allow the city to have a more complete pictureREAD MORE

The Whole-Home Repairs Act

Update May 1, 2023 A recent hearing of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs discussed the idea of Pennsylvania’s “Whole-Home Repair” program being utilized across the country. Testimony was provided by Lou Tisler,READ MORE

Vacant Property Tax Initiatives

April 17,2024 In a recent release, Maryland Association of Counties discusses their advocacy on HB 2 to apply statewide, instead of the original version that would have been strictly for Baltimore. For more information, pleaseREAD MORE

Washington SB 5825 Dept. of Commerce Work Group

Under consideration in the Washington Senate is SB 5825.If enacted would, require the department of commerce to convene a work group to make recommendations on the creation of a statewide rental and vacant property registrationREAD MORE

VA HB 729 “VPRO” Legislation

On January 11, 2022 HB 729 was introduced. If enacted, it would allow “cities and certain towns to require annual registration by the owners of buildings that have been vacant for a continuous period ofREAD MORE

OH HB 566 “The Neighborhood Protection Act “

The Neighborhood Protection Act was introduced on Feb. 9. It would “require owners of vacant properties to file full contact information with their county auditor’s office. It would apply to residential and commercial properties” InterestingREAD MORE