More of the same? Or something new?

Following the tragic death of 3 firefighters at a vacant property, Baltimore officials promised a new plan to address abandonment and blight. Commenting on the initial announcement from Mayor Scott, an Op-Ed in the Baltimore Sun questioned the approach.  Now councilmembers are proposing new legislation. But questions need to be asked? Was a thorough review conducted of previous approaches that were tried and failed? Were national experts consulted? From all sectors, public, private, non-profit, academia….?
For example.

  • Will the $1,000 daily fine for properties long vacant, where the owner paid “pennies on the dollar”, or the owner passed intestate have any real bearing?
  • How long will it take before the City takes ownership through the referenced in-rem foreclosure process?
  • What happened when Baltimore previously acquired significant amounts of dilapidated/abandoned properties (Project 5000 – see Op-Ed)?

Creative, new and non-traditional approaches and partnerships are needed to deliver the needed results to not just Baltimore, but all communities across the country.

To view the Baltimore Sun Op-ed, please click here.

To view a TV report on the Council’s new legislative proposals, please click here.