Time to get off the Hamster Wheel

As a follow up to my March Blog posting where I discussed the continuing issue of wasted time, money and effort in identifying owners or mortgage servicers of vacant and abandoned properties please see thisREAD MORE

City of Mobile to use Plexiglass to fight blight

As the loudest and strongest advocate for “clearboarding” my late father-in-law Robert Klein would be proud of Mobile’s approach to addressing blight. Replacing plywood boards with plexiglass/polycarbonate is a simple but powerful solution. See forREAD MORE

Foreclosure Crisis Impacts on Local Voter Participation

Following is a press release from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, discussing how the most recent foreclosure crisis negatively impacted voter turnout. Foreclosure Crisis Eroded Milwaukee Voter Turnout The foreclosure crisis that accompanied the Great RecessionREAD MORE

Successful Utilization of a VPRO

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune featured the successes of Aurora’s (IL)  Vacant and Foreclosed Property License program started in August 2016. Aurora’s utilization of the data includes inter-department collaboration. There are still moreREAD MORE