A recent article discusses the challenges Canton is facing garnering compliance with their commercial property registration ordinance.

Eerily similar to an earlier article regarding San Francisco. See following quotes.

Canton – “However, several vacant buildings are conspicuously absent from Building Department records obtained through a public records request. Only the Renkert Building is listed in downtown Canton.

San Francisco – “Vacant storefronts have gained attention in recent years as local groups survey their own neighborhoods to counter the mere 25 registered by the Department of Building Inspection in 2016 and 40 in 2017. In April, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer led a crowdsourced count that spotted 156 vacancies in the Richmond.”

Outsourcing creates the needed incentives which will improve compliance. As I say in my blog, time to get off the hamster wheel and embrace creative solutions.

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Alliance Review: Is Canton’s Commercial Registration Working

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