“Summerville town officials say they have been aware of the home and are monitoring it. Town code enforcement staff still need to determine what bank owns the foreclosed home. Town spokesperson Mary Edwards said staff will not know who owns it for another three to six months.”
This is a quote from a media report in South Carolina earlier this week.

Within hours of discovering the article, MuniReg provided Summerville code enforcement with the name of the bank and phone number/emails of individuals (decision makers) at the bank.

Another quote from the report – “If the home is not cleaned up after six months then town can issue fines.”

Summerville code enforcement was provided by MuniReg with proof of transfer of title. The timeline was just moved up by 6 months!

After watching the frustration of neighbors (and I’m sure the code staff had similar frustrations) we were ecstatic and honored to help.

This was without a formal partnership and a vacant property registration ordinance in place! Imagine the possibilities!

Real results! Real solutions! Real relief!


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