The National League of Cities (NLC) issued an affordable housing report entitled “Homeward Bound: The Road to Affordable Housing,”
The report;

  • Offers several policy actions,
  • Gives a comprehensive overview of the history and factors behind the affordable housing crisis
  • Provides case studies from cities launching innovative solutions along with recommendations from experts.

As the following statement indicates, though the foreclosure crisis may be “over” vacant properties still need to be a focus of local governments.

“While a wide variety of housing challenges faces American cities, two stand out. In fast-growing cities, wages lag behind housing costs, leading to a scarcity of affordable housing. In legacy cities with slower growth, a persistent high rate of vacant and blighted housing exists due to the ongoing after-effects of the foreclosure crisis and general economic disruption.

To view the NLC Press Release, please click here.

To view the report in its entirety, please click here.