On September 10th, the National League of Cities issued a report titled “Housing Market Conditions Across America’s Cities”

In this report, every medium and large city in America was analyzed, and includes tailored recommendations for strengthening each type of housing market.

This report discusses;

  • The different demographic and economic characteristics that define (6) local housing markets.
    • High Opportunity Cities
    • Growing Cities
    • Rent-Burdened Cities
    • Multi-Family Deficit Cities
    • Wealth Pocket Cities
    • Transit-Desiring Cities
  • Which cities belong to which clusters
  • Tailored solutions to the housing crisis

“Every day, I talk with local leaders from across the country. No matter the initial topic of our conversation, we often come back to one question: What is keeping them up at night? Without fail, the answer to that question involves the safety, security, and dignity of their community members. More times than not, those factors center around residents’ access to and the availability of quality housing.”
Clarence E. Anthony CEO and Executive Director National League of Cities

To view the full report, please click here.