The International Association of Arson Investigators has available on their website an Abandoned Building Toolbox.

The IAAI/USFA Abandoned Building “Tool Box” provides:

  • A detailed background paper that outlines the problems that vacant and abandoned building pose to the community
  • Lesson plans and PowerPoint support presentations for the following topics
  • Community Leader Presentation
  • Community Group/Awareness Presentation
  • Building Evaluation Presentation
  • Securing Abandoned Buildings Presentation
  • Fire Department Operations in Vacant and Abandoned Buildings Presentation
  • A building evaluation form
  • Flow chart detailing a process for identifying building owners
  • A template for developing building floor plans using data from the building evaluation form
  • Examples of completed building floor plans
  • A detailed reference list of published materials related to vacant and abandoned buildings
  • Specifications and drawings for securing vacant and abandoned buildings
  • Case studies that detail what several communities were able to do to successfully reduce fire in vacant and abandoned

To view the Toolbox, please click here.