In June 2022, the city’s Housing Quality Task Force released a report including its list of final recommendations.

A recent article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle discusses the latest progress report from the City. including the announcement of new and updated Code Enforcement policies

  • Streamlined Fines

Shorter Abatement Time Frames: [T]he time within which a person or entity served with an order to remedy is required to comply with such order to remedy is hereby fixed at 30 days following the date of such order to remedy“ – New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations” § 1203.5

  • Vacant Building Registry:
    • All buildings vacant for more than 60 days will be required to register with the City’s Vacant Building Registry starting on January 1, 202
  • LLC Disclosure:
    • LLCs will be required to disclose names and businesses of all members, managers, and any other authorized persons when submitting to the Property Management Portal.
  • Landlord-Tenant Bill of Rights:
    • The City-drafted document, which will be mailed each year to both tenants and rental property owners, promotes the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. It is meant for informational purposes only, and does not create any new rights or restrictions.

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