Recent ordinance introduced to New Orleans (LA) City Council, would require the creation of an annual public list of all blighted or vacant city-owned properties, their current conditions and the estimated cost to bring dilapidated properties into fair condition.

Article in The Lens highlights several key points;

  • The realization that “Unfortunately, we also get complaints about vacant and blighted properties that are owned by the city of New Orleans.”
  • The realization of the true costs of blight – “This does create adverse quality of life issues for neighbors. It contributes to crime, it impacts nearby real estate values, it increases rodent activity and also important to mention, it continues the deterioration of city owned property which in the future could lessen its value.”
  • The value of consolidated data to spur progress – “as things currently stand, it’s not that easy to find all that information. She said the database will not only make it easier for the city to manage its properties, but make it easier for potential developers to consider investing in them.”
  • The lack of available resources
  • Realistic expectations – (Similar to a “VPRO”) – ” the database will not on its own secure dilapidated buildings or put them back into commerce.”

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