One of the sessions at the recent Center for Community Properties Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference highlighted New York’s Cities for Responsible Investment and Strategic Enforcement Cities RISE project. At the session, staff from Hester Street (an urban planning, design and community development nonprofit working so that neighborhoods are shaped by their people) shared some insightful publications

“Tools and Tactics for Engaging Communities around Code Enforcement” (April 2019)

Topics include:

  • Community engagement basics
    • Guiding Principles
    • Engagement Techniques
    • Planning for a Successful Engagement
    • Venue Selection Tips
    • Outreach Strategy Checklist
    • Facilitation Strategies
  • Community Planning Toolkit
    • Introduction: Tools for Engaging Communities on Code Enforcement
    • Sharing Information
    • Understanding Neighborhood Conditions and Challenges
    • Prioritizing Community needs
    • Generating Ideas
    • Discussing City Strategies
    • Reporting Back

To view the report, please click here

“The Power & Proximity of Code Enforcement: a Tool for Equitable Neighborhoods” (June 2019)

In addition to discussing the creation of  a flexible toolkit for Equitable Code Enforcement, the report focuses on

  • Resident Engagement
  • Training and Procedures
  • Proactive Planning
  • Governance

To view the report, please click here