“Mea Culpa”

However much I try to be conventional, sometimes that may not be the best approach. Having the initial blog post for a new company begin with acknowledging fault, I believe most people would consider thatREAD MORE

Vacant Property Registration Databases

Following are databases compiling vacant property registration and related ordinances from across the country. MCS https://www.mcs360.com/code-compliance-legislations.aspx PRS https://www.propertyregistration.com/TrackRegistrationOrdinances.aspx Safeguard Properties https://safeguardproperties.com/vacant-property-registration

Private Cause of Action in Blight Cases

Zanesville OH ended up scrapping the section authorizing “private cause of action section intended to grant private citizens the ability to declare their neighbors nuisances in addition to law enforcement.” “Had the committee chosen toREAD MORE

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