Doing the right thing…

I have been blessed many times in my life, and in many different aspects. One area I do not take for granted was the opportunity to witness first-hand how my late father-in-law, an Ernst &READ MORE

Waterford MI Neighborhood Preservation Corps

What a great way to mobilize the community! Click here for an article from the Oakland Press promoting the initiative. The best part is the clear webpage created by the Township outlining the program includingREAD MORE

Resident Officer Program

A recent report from the Peoria Journal Star discusses their resident officer program. “The officers are located in strategic areas around the city. They work from their city-owned homes to establish close connections with theREAD MORE

It Started Out So Well……….

An interesting article that discusses a logical and positive approach to addressing the universal concern of squatters, ends by discussing troubling legislation being proposed in the Hawaii Legislature. From the preamble in the legislation oneREAD MORE

Don’t Take on Unnecessary Risks

Perhaps I’m missing something but the recent enactment in Windber, PA of a rental registry struck me as odd. Rental registration ordinances are commonplace throughout the country. For the most part the programs and requiredREAD MORE

Canton OH Commercial Property Registration Challenges

A recent article discusses the challenges Canton is facing garnering compliance with their commercial property registration ordinance. Eerily similar to an earlier article regarding San Francisco. See following quotes. Canton – “However, several vacant buildingsREAD MORE

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