A recent webinar, convened by Strategic Code Enforcement Management Academy (SCEMA) discussed how to leverage Health Impact Assessments’ program and policy recommendations with local leaders, nonprofits, and code officials. Additionally, representatives from Syracuse and Rochester (NY) shared details on the essential ingredients for effective proactive rental inspection programs.
To view the webinar, along with other SCEMA educational materials, please click here. 
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Related and perhaps in contrast to the above webinar, a recent article from Athens OH uses a roof collapse to discuss the many challenges code enforcement face in identifying substandard housing along with multi-faceted concerns tenants have to balance.

Key points of the article:

  • Roof collapsed eight weeks after a code enforcement inspection, displacing all tenants.
  • Roof was not inspected due to lack of resources (manpower, training, equipment)
  • Solutions offered include requiring roof inspections, or complete home inspections
  • Tenants uneducated on their rights and/or concerned about reporting violations
  • The lack of penalties/consequences

One suggestion not discussed is utilizing drones, however this too involves the need for additional resources. This is why it is critical communities utilize all available resources, including public-private partnerships. MuniReg can assist!

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