Update January 3rd 2021

CBS Chicago reports, “Volunteers In Harvey Halfway Toward Goal Of Boarding Up 400 Vacant Homes”

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Update October 17th

CBS Chicago reports, “Volunteers Resume Boarding Up Homes In Harvey Despite City Wanting Them To Stop”

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I’m sure there is another side to this story, but in all honesty I am scared that I already know the answer.

I strive to focus on innovative approaches, creative solutions, and positive outcomes that should be shared and replicated. As I’m wont to say, “though each community is unique, often the issues that affect them are not. Common problems have common solutions.”

There is an old Jewish saying “who is wise, he who learns from everyone”. Occasionally its just as important to learn what NOT to do, as it is to learn what TO do.

A recent report from CBS Chicago provides such an example. The headline speaks for itself (see below). This type of community pride, volunteerism and strong action should be lauded.

Perhaps there are other pieces of information that the reporter was missing, but if not, I respectfully suggest the City issue a mea culpa and use this as a learning experience and work collaboratively with Communities United 2020 and other such groups to expand the initiative and maximize the positive outcomes! Perhaps even directly integrate into the process ala Fort Worth’s Code Ranger’s Program.

The optics on this is not good and unnecessary. The good news? Its fixable!!

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Volunteers Board Up Wide-Open Abandoned Homes In Harvey, Only To Have City Tell Them It’s Illegal And Threaten Citations