Two recent initiatives have been introduced by the National League of Cities (NLC).

Landlord Engagement Lab Toolkit
“Engaging mom-and-pop landlords is key to longer-term eviction prevention efforts, housing stability, and supporting both vulnerable renters and landlords.

The “Landlord Engagement Toolkit” consists of a series of resources developed for city leaders interested in building or refining their strategies for engaging landlords. These resources offer important insight into key elements of a successful landlord engagement strategy.”

Key topics explored in each resource include:

  • A step-by-step framework to build a mom-and-pop landlord engagement strategy
  • Tips on how to develop systematic and standard methods to collect, share and update information on landlords to aid in relationship building, outreach, and developing more targeted programs and policies
  • An overview of incentives and ideas for how to incentive landlords to engage in eviction prevention

To view the toolkit, please click here.

Housing Supply Accelerator
National League of Cities & the American Planning Association have partnered to create the “Housing Supply Accelerator”, a national campaign “to improve local capacity, identify critical solutions, and speed reforms that enable communities and developers to work together to produce, preserve and provide a diverse range of quality housing by realigning the efforts of public and private stakeholders in the housing sector to meet housing needs at the local level”

“This solutions-oriented campaign will provide model practices, ordinances and actionable resources to help local communities address their unique housing challenges. These efforts will be designed for immediate implementation by local leaders, planners and others working to combat the housing crisis.  ”

To view the NLC press release, please click here.