Attorney General Maura Healey recently announced the creation of the Neighborhood Renewal Division. This new division, has been created from the AG’s Abandoned Housing Initiative (AHI), a program created in 1995 to address abandoned properties. AHI currently works in 146 communities across the state, and between 2017 and 2019, helped improve more than 450 properties and recover more than $1 million in unpaid property taxes and municipal fees. The Neighborhood Renewal Division will continue the AHI receivership and grants programs and expand on AHI’s work to transform vacant properties into new homes for Massachusetts families.

“The Neighborhood Renewal Division, a new Division created from the Attorney General’s Abandoned Housing Initiative, uses the enforcement authority of the State Sanitary Code to turn abandoned residential properties around. Working in close partnership with cities and towns, the AG’s Office seeks out delinquent property owners and encourages them to voluntarily repair their properties and make them secure. If owners refuse, then the office’s attorneys will petition the relevant court to appoint a receiver to bring the property up to code.”

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