Sometimes simplicity is all that is needed. No need to over complicate matters.

Jamestown NY has a clear section on its homepage to allow constituents to report a vacant property. For communities that may not have the resources to develop an app, this is a great option.

Additionally the information that can be sent in is exactly what is needed, no more not less.

  • Property address
  • Name and contact information of individual submitting information
  • Option to be contacted or not
  • Ability to submit description/comments and photo evidence.

With a vacant property registry, (which Jamestown does not yet have) it would allow the municipal or MuniReg staff to expeditiously address with the owner or bank/mortgage company.

With their latest grant request Jamestown plans to utilize the funding to expand the “legal capacity, specifically to go after those responsible for maintaining an abandoned house so it does not fall into disrepair.” Significantly better utilization of funds over using to “chase after” owners and banks!

For additional information please click on the following link;
The Post-Journal: Zombie Grant City Council To Vote On Application At Meeting