Another Broken Dream?

WKSU, Kent State University’s public radio station recently focused on the housing market in Youngstown, OH and a new problem arising a decade after the housing bubble. The February 25th report focuses on lease-to-own contractsREAD MORE

California SB 1079 Residential Property Warehousing

Update 12/28 Please see following articles for comprehensive review of the new legislation National Law Review: SB 1079: Changes to Nonjudicial Foreclosure Process Aim to Benefit Tenants, Primary Residence Occupants and Community Groups; Uncertainty LoomsREAD MORE

“Invest & Neglect” Lawsuit

As opposed to targeting individual properties and individual owner, the City of Detroit is taking a different, and aggressive approach challenging the overall philosophy of “Invest & Neglect”. In addition to the three complaints inREAD MORE

West Virginia Takes Aim at Blight

Several bills have been introduced into the West Virginia Legislature. Interesting about the first one, there is no indication where local governments will receive funding for this initiative.  House Bill 4097 ” requiring municipalities to maintainREAD MORE

Changing Landscape – House Hacking

Whether it was Zillow or Roofstock, the short-term rental market, the constantly rotation of mortgage servicers, or most recently entities like Fleq and Divvy, the landscape of who owns or who occupies properties in yourREAD MORE

Rental Registry Proves Successful

A recent article in the Dayton Daily News discusses the successes of their rental registry/inspection program. Some of the results include; Rental property violations dropped by more than half, in the past two years. FinesREAD MORE

Dallas Task Force on Safe Communities Report

During the Summer of 2019, following increased gun violence and tragedies that took the lives of children, Mayor Eric Johnson announced the creation of the Mayor’s Task Force on Safe Communities. The Task Force receivedREAD MORE

Pennsylvania’s Fight Against Blight

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf has made the fight against blight a focus of his administration. In a recent press release the Department of Community and Economic Development highlights funding in Northwest PA that will focus on rehabilitatingREAD MORE

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