Successful “Greening” in Chicago

In a comprehensive report, the Chicago Sun Times focuses on an increasingly popular approach to decreasing violence, often referred to as “greening”. “The city is spending millions to beautify the public spaces where shootings areREAD MORE

Still a Valid Solution

Plywood was a pet peeve of my late father-in-law, Robert Klein. This “temporary” solution often became permanent resulting in the deterioration of individual streets and sometimes entire neighborhoods. This led him to found Secureview andREAD MORE

Permit Denial Ordinance

A recent article in the Morning Call, discusses a new anti-blight ordinance passed in June 2019. Alicia Miller Karner, city director of community and economic development said “the city will be modifying its permit applications,READ MORE

Leveraging Relationships to Address Blight

Recently we posted a report on a local Pennsylvania community partnering with the National Guard to address blight. In Earlington KY, the Mayor, thinking “outside-the-box” and utilizing a long standing relationship is addressing blight atREAD MORE

Nuisance Property Ordinance Guides

Enterprise Community Partners 2001 Guide , “Solving Chronic Nuisance Problems: A Guide for Neighborhood Leaders”. To access, please click here Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) “Tip Sheet” for nuisance properties ordinance. To access, please clickREAD MORE

National Guard “Clean and Seal” Program

The National Guard has an innovative program call “Clean and Seal” providing temporary relief for communities struggling with abandoned properties. The guardsmen donate their time, effort, and tools through the Nation Guard’s Counterdrug Joint Task Force.READ MORE

City of Mobile to use Plexiglass to fight blight

As the loudest and strongest advocate for “clearboarding” my late father-in-law Robert Klein would be proud of Mobile’s approach to addressing blight. Replacing plywood boards with plexiglass/polycarbonate is a simple but powerful solution. See forREAD MORE

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