Tuscaloosa Silo Busting Anti-Blight Initiative

City of Tuscaloosa & The University of Alabama-Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Admin have developed a new patent-pending camera-based system to streamline the battle against deteriorating properties. This system involves cameras mounted on cityREAD MORE

Creative Strategies for Increasing Commercial Vacancies

Two communities recently announced specific strategies to address an increase in commercial vacancies. Brookhaven NY “Floating Zones” The redevelopment districts are what planning officials call a “floating zone” that can be superimposed on a specificREAD MORE

Residential Renovation Incentive Program

The City of Denison recently publicized a new program. This is not “just a one and done” incentive, but a comprehensive program with various incentives along the way. Having the program is the main victoryREAD MORE

Connecting the Dots

MuniReg has advocated registries as a tool not just to address blight but also to prevent future occurrences. A recent report on a collaboration between Hudson County executives and The Waterfront Project, Inc. shines aREAD MORE

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